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Chess – Offline

Chess - Offline

Giới thiệu Chess – Offline


Chess is a board game that has been around for centuries, played all around the world, it’s as much famous as checkers game.
Chess is popular and is often played in competitions called chess tournaments. It is enjoyed in many countries, and is a national hobby in Russia.

Features of chess:

– Chess is free and totally offline, no need to online internet
– You can play with 6 level of difficult from easy to hard
– Support 2 player game play
– Easy to suse interface design
– Have leaderboard to compare your score with other player
– Very small apk size

How to play chess:
Intuitive touch controls make it easy to play checkers on your phone, just tap a piece and then tap where you want it to go. If you accidentally hit the wrong spot, The undo button lets you take back your move and try again.


Hình ảnh Chess – Offline


Chess - Offline 1.0 IOS -Chess - Offline 1.0 IOS -Chess - Offline 1.0 IOS -Chess - Offline 1.0 IOS -Chess - Offline 1.0 IOS -

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