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Checkers Online

Checkers Online

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Checkers is a great way to effortlessly develop intelligence, while enjoying it! A few free minutes are enough for the party.

In addition to the actual board and checkers in the game there are:
– Online game mode, with a computer or together
– Ability to create a private room and invite a friend to play online with him (even if the friend has a different OS)
– Russian, Brazilian and English rules
– The ability to put your photo on the avatar and see the photo of the one you play with
– Send a complaint about an unacceptable avatar or name of an opponent
– Built-in game chat
– Detailed player and opponent profile – avatar, flag, statistics, success, first game date, OS, etc.
– Global leaderboards including ELO and points, for different rules of the game
– Highlight fields to help the player
– Cancellation of moves to the very beginning
– Motor vehicle (off by default) – if there is only one move option, then the computer moves the figure behind the player
– Showing the opponent’s trajectory online and the computer’s progress (disabled in the settings)
– An online game can be minimized for a few seconds, for example, to answer a call or SMS – it does not interrupt from this

The moves can be done in any of the ways:
– Select a shape and select the field where to go
– Move the figure from the start to end position
– Gently push the piece towards the end position

Briefly about the various rules of the game:

Russian Checkers
– most likely you will like these rules most of all 🙂 Beat always and all checkers can be beaten backwards; the lady has “long” moves, that is, she can walk on any number of cells diagonally if they are not occupied by other checkers.

English Checkers (Checkers)
– Beat is necessary, but checkers cannot beat back. The lady also walks differently, she can only go one square back or forward, and she can beat back – there are no “long moves”.

Brazilian Checkers
– these rules are not very different from the Russians, but players still need to remember that you must take the maximum number of opponent’s checkers, and that the checker turns into a dame only when you stop at the last field.

Download the app and play absolutely free!

P.S. If you liked the game, be sure to rate it with 5 stars 🙂


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Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -Checkers Online 3.9.1 IOS -

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