Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS

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Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game

Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game

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Relax playing on your own or challenge yourself with 100 puzzles!

Checkers or Draughts is a group of strategy board games for two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform game pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over opponent pieces.


– Great graphics
– Outstanding AI engine
– Undo function
– Forced captures
– Automatic save and continue when you exit the app
– 100 checkers puzzles
– American Checkers / English Draughts / Portugal / Brazil / Russian rules

People play Checkers (also known as Draughts) for centuries, it’s a great game to spend time and train your mind. With this app user can play checkers versus PC or in a good company versus its friend.
For those who enjoy checkers and like solving puzzles we added 100 of checkers puzzles.
Each puzzle is a unique combination of checkers on board user have to play and win. 100 levels of checkers puzzles have different difficulty. There are always 5 levels that are open for user any time to play.
User choose level to play and skip hard levels for later.

Play checkers puzzles is a great way to train your mind and checkers skills.

Take a game of checkers with puzzles with you wherever you go and play anywhere.
Play VS PC, your friend or solve puzzles.


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Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -Checkers ◎ Draughts Board Game 1.0.8 IOS -

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