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Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg

Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg

Giới thiệu Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg


Classic and legendary! This is the perfect game for relaxing and break time. Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg is a professional game with visually appealing design, different playing modes and brings various exciting surprises to the players. Inspired by the classic computer game, Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg is truly an amazing and interesting game to play on your smartphones and tablets. As one of the most unique casual games with leaderboards, “Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg” is a fascinating game you shouldn’t miss.

Our game has different modes for players to choose:

1. Classic
Your simple mission is to shoot down as many Eggs as possible in the shortest time. The less time you play, the higher scores you get. Combine at least three eggs with the same color to crack the stuck ones. Be careful with the dinosaurs hatched from the other eggs! And don’t forget to shoot the eggs which multiple (x2,3,4) times to get bonus points.
2. Puzzle
Differently difficult levels are waiting for you. Complete the challenging levels to see if you can be the best and the fastest of this mode. Can you earn three stars? It is unbelievable if you can do so.
3. Time
Shoot as fast as you can, crack as many eggs as possible in the shortest time. Compete with your friends to see who is in the top of the leaderboard?
Download Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg now! And experience the amazing design and exciting playing modes.

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Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg 1.0 IOS -Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg 1.0 IOS -Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg 1.0 IOS -Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg 1.0 IOS -Bubble Shooter Dynomite Egg 1.0 IOS -

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Ngày cập nhật: 2016-04-19 01:09:57

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