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Brothers Treasure Recovery

Brothers Treasure Recovery

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Brothers Treasure Recovery is a combo of 17 levels of point and click type addictive ADVENTUROUS ESCAPE game and fully with puzzles and hidden objects. We hope you will definitely love it.

Game Story:
The story of two brothers planning to get back the treasure from the biggest pirates gang. Unfortunately, that pirate’s gang took one of the brothers away. As a player, you need to help one of the brother to get back the another and also to recover the treasure from them. Feel the impressive experience in playing all the 17 levels of FREE ESCAPE GAMES, which will be a real treat for all the escape game lovers.

“A good puzzle will look impossible at first, but it is designed and developed be solved”. Yes! This Brother’s Treasure Recovery comes under this category of more challenging puzzles. This makes all the puzzle lovers to get addicted to this FREE ESCAPE GAME.

This game has a lot of EXCITEMENTS and FUN. You could feel it only if you really try. We reassure that if you miss this game, then really you going to miss the very BEST ESCAPE GAMES in your lifetime.

Unique brain teaser
Eye-catching animation and gameplay
Easy to learn with hours of fun
Challenging Puzzles with logic
Interesting Storyline


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Brothers Treasure Recovery 2.2 IOS -Brothers Treasure Recovery 2.2 IOS -Brothers Treasure Recovery 2.2 IOS -Brothers Treasure Recovery 2.2 IOS -

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Phiên bản: 2.2
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Ngày cập nhật: 2016-06-10 04:26:53

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