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Brick Breaker Giant Balls

Brick Breaker Giant Balls

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Brick Breaker Giant Balls is a classic brick breaking game filled with brilliantly designed levels.
This arcade game is fun with lots of smartly designed power-ups and amazing graphics.
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.
If you love arkanoid type or breakout like games, or you are new to brick breakers,
Brick Breaker Giant Balls is just perfect for you.
Brick Breaker Giant Balls is not swipe brick game, it is classic brick breaker game.

• Simply drag to move the paddle.
• Try to break all the bricks to breakout the level.
• Avoid balls hitting the spikes.
• Collect coins and gifts to boost your power.

• 200+ challenging levels
• Intuitive touch control with realistic physics
• Colorful graphics
• Engaging music and sound effects
• Smooth animations
• Optimized for both smartphones and tablets

• Giant and tiny ball that break bricks
• Wrecking ball that destroys bricks
• Gun for demolition
• Laser weapon that smash bricks
• Items that stretch and shrink the paddle
• Funny invisible ball
• Shield that protect balls from spikes


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Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -Brick Breaker Giant Balls 1.0.3 IOS -

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Phiên bản: 1.0.3
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Ngày cập nhật: 2019-03-11 05:25:49

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