Beach Life Guard Simulator 1.0.1 IOS

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Beach Life Guard Simulator

Beach Life Guard Simulator

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Beach Lifeguard Rescue Team 3D is a wonderful beach emergency rescue boat game on the beach. Island Lifeguard Beach Rescue Boat is on duty, this is unlike normal boat racing games, but gives you a responsibility of lifeguard rescue, who has to manage saving multiple lives at given time in the sea.
Beach lifeguard Duty game gives you a team of beach lifeguards simulator, who are ready to save lives on their rescuer boat. All you have to do is respond to your duty calls and take your rescue ship from parking, save people from getting drowned in the deep sea because they either got stuck on island. But you have limited time to save people by riding and sailing your life boat in emergency. Life guard beach simulator and Jet Ski is awesome & beautiful 3D game to protect peoples dropped in the deep sea. You will love this advance Lifeguard beach attack simulator and wants to play this game again and again in the beautiful sea water. In this 3D Free Boat Rescue Life Guard game your duty is to save lives in the deep sea, in this boat rescue mission and duty, you will be guided by the rescue tower using arrows, you need to reach timely at the spot and protect the lives as you are your rescue duty. Today, you are the lifeguard on duty. Someone is drowning near the pierce! Using your beach simulator Common, take on your swim suit and him!
If you love to drive boats and ships in the water, then this Rescue boat ship is best & awesome game for you to play as life guard simulator. Download free today and enjoy this game and drive boat in the sea water with full speed as you can and save lives. Get ready to become the successful rescuer, save more peoples quickly to unlock the higher game levels.


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