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Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue

Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue

Giới thiệu Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue


“Hello and welcome to the yet another fantastic game about the swimming survival skills and driving the ATV on the off-road side of the beach. Become the part of the Lifeguard Rescue Team on the Beach and rescue the people drowning in the sea. Young Boys and Girls come to summer beach for a beach picnic and beach girl is enjoying the swimming in the sea water. Point Guard have eyes on them to make sure that nothing gonna happen bad in the sea water. Beach Rescue Duty team have all rescue equipment and rescue shuttle. ATV ambulance is standing at beach coast to provide the first aid and rescue duties before 911 team arrives at the seaside. Coastguard rescue team have the best swimming survival skills to become the police hero rescue.

Beach girl is drowning in the sea, you have to rescue her as acting like a lifeguard on the seashore. You are coast lifeguard on the beach and it is your duty to search and rescue and save the beach girl. Mountain coast and air ambulance simulator is also provided. Boat Rescue team will pick up the causalities and load them in rescue boats in their bathing suits.

This rescue simulation game will give you extraordinary realistic graphics of the beach life and beach picnic spots. If you are so crazy for the swimming survival skills then this game is just for you.

Make your swimming survival skills to next level in this amazing coastguard rescue team game. Police hero rescue will rescue the boat accident persons and point guard will become the police hero rescue. Coast Guard Beach and Coastguard rescue team will join hands together in the douchebag beach club of the vice city. Air Ambulance simulator and police hero rescue with coast lifeguard beach make sure that water splash on the bathing suits makes them really cool in summer heat. Download the best rescue duty game and complete the rescue challenges in the city rescue mission as boat rescue team.

Features of the Coastguard Rescue Team and Lifeguard Rescue Team Game:
1- Coast Guard Beach with Excellent Beach Life
2- Best swimming survival skills animations in the game
3- Excellent Camera Rolling around the Accident Take Place,
4- Drive ATV Quad Bike and Ambulance
5- Provide Medical First Aid to the injured Persons.


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Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue 1.0 IOS -
Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue 1.0 IOS -
Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue 1.0 IOS -
Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue 1.0 IOS -
Beach ATV Lifeguard Rescue 1.0 IOS -

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