Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS

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Babytime for mom and expectant mother !

Babytime for mom and expectant mother !

Giới thiệu Babytime for mom and expectant mother !


Babytime for mom – The Meetup, play date and chat app for Mom, Dad and expectant mother ! Meet other parents near you ! Discuss pregnancy maternity and nursing via the Chat. Exchange toys clothes for your kids or your baby…

Babytime is the new social network for parents ! Meet other moms, dads and future moms near you !

You’re a future mom and you want to meet other future moms to share your hobbies and experiences ?

You’re a mom or a dad and you want to meet other parents to discuss or just arrange a playdate to allow your children to play together ?

Communicate with other babytime members who are close to you !

Babytime app allows you to easily find other parents around you to, for example :

– Go to the park for your child to meet other children and play with them !
– Exchanging games, toys, clothes …
– Finding childcare equipment, used materials and clothing …

You have free time this afternoon ? Great ! Babytime can send you a notification as soon as a mom or a dad is available at the same time as you, near you !

Babytime can also send you a notification when a new member registers near you. You can choose to meet a mom, a dad or a future mom !

Imagine your Babytime !

Babytime is also of full of great deals and gifts !

If desired, our business partners will send you free samples of their new products and reduction vouchers !

Then join us on Babytime !

Full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found at


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Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS -Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS -Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS -Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS -Babytime for mom and expectant mother ! 3.0 IOS -

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