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Auto Chess VNG Lite

Auto Chess VNG Lite

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Auto Chess VNG Lite – along with such rapid growth and hearty acceptance from players, and in order to deliver to more users in South East Asia, VNG and Dragonest have cooperated to develop Auto Chess VNG. We aspire to elevate players’ experience and bring unique activities to players.

High-quality experience on all device configures

– With 500 MB in storage is able to satisfy all common mobile phones in SEA.
– Game is compatible with these devices: Iphone 6s, iPad mini 4 & above.
– Easy to reach any mobile phones with bad or unstable internet connection.
– Downloads quickly and saves almost 1 GB storage data.
– Saves data. It loads fast, runs efficiently and uses less mobile data.
– If you are looking for a 20-minute brain-cracking game, this is your best choice.

A game for South East Asia players

With our desire to best serve our users in South East Asia, Auto Chess VNG Lite will have frequent in-game activities for players. Aside from the strategic gameplay, players can also enjoy community activities that is catered for you and your friends.


The game is inspired by the well-known 8×8 chess boards. Players will lay out the chesspieces with different skill sets to create the most unique strategy. Chesspieces will automatically fight based on the strategic positions that the players have already arranged. Each chesspiece has its own characteristic and fighting style, and when you collect 3 identical chesspieces, you can upgrade them for more powerful skills and damage.
By collecting chesspieces with combining force, along with 7 other players to create an opposing game, you must survive to the end to be the winner.


1. Chessboard & Chesspiece – simulating the real chess board, this is where chesspieces are used to fight other players. The game will constantly develop to create unlimited fun.
2. Chesspiece features – Race and Class are the basic elements, combining chesspieces with similar Race/Class will create special synergy buff, the more buffs you got, the higher chance you win.
3. Absolute balanced – Players start each game equally. It depends on the strategy of the player and a little bit of their luck. There is no way to use tools to chance chesspiece’s indexes or the factors that could alter the game’s balance.
4. Oppose to different players each round, you will continuously oppose to different players with ever-changing strategy.
5. Resource/Gold – Quantity and quality of chesspieces is the unique factor, you need to decide when to roll for the best piece within the limit of chesspieces able to engage in battle. Notice how gold are generated and how to use them efficiently through buying/selling the chesspieces, receive gold interest by doing win/lose streaks.
6. Level – The rate of appearance of the chesspieces in the shop/the number of chesspieces permitted to be in battle are related to your level. Level 10 will have the best rate and the most chesspieces on the chessboards, remember to save gold and level up!!!
7. Compete with friends across the world – You can meet opponents all over the world through match making. Show your wits and alliance of South East Asia players.
8. Item equipment – You can get items through random drop or from other players. Know your items, how they are combined and how to use them can twist the gameplay further.
9. Infinite Ways to Play Chess – In Auto Chess Mobile, luck and misfortune can heavily affect the result of a game, yet you can always use your wits and strategy to change your game. Or you can just rely on your luck and pick the chesspieces you want.

Mainsite: http://autochessvng.com/
Email: [email protected]


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Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -Auto Chess VNG Lite 1.6019.0 IOS -

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File Size: 568,821.00 MB
Phiên bản: 1.6019.0
Đánh giá: 5
Tổng đánh giá: 5
Ngày cập nhật: 2020-09-29 07:00:00

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