Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS

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Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016

Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016

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Want to do something for your soil as a real army cargo transporter? Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 will bring the best chance for you to do so. As an army driver you have to drive multiple trucks and trailers to transport cops luggage from one base to the other. This will be the mission to safely deliver whole army barrack delivery to complete the levels. This 3D simulation game will test your pro driving skills to the ultimate level. Driving a long trailer is not an easy thing to do but doing so in offroad environment will multiply this difficulty level many folds. This is not a simple cargo duty rather its sensitive thing so do it with utmost care. Your speed would be limited in this sim, as its very difficult to handle trailer in speed. This will test your driving, racing and parking skills. So, sit behind the wheels, fasten your belt and start driving this challenging vehicle in scenic off-road environment.
There are multiple factors to get excited about this game. Other than driving craze, patriotism and love for your army can be the potential factors as well. This can be the best simulator of 2016 for you. Your duty is to transport different army vehicles, army arms and other army cargo materials to the army base, or other army check points in this mountainous region. Off Road hill station environment is surrounded by the mountains and hills. The roads are dangerous to drive but that’s what army cargo truck driver is offering you.
So accept the challenge and prove yourself a real transporter. It’s hard but exciting thing to do really. This will never going to bore you. Be fast in your job as army troops are waiting for the relief funds and weaponry.
Moreover, this is absolutely FREE for smart phone users.

Key Features:
> Driving challenge of multiple army trucks and big trailers
> Beautiful scenic off road environment
> Army base camps and real army logistics supply
> Smooth steering and driving controls
> Amazing HD graphics and realistic sound effects
> Multiple camera views

Enjoy this game and give your valuable feedback at [email protected]


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Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS -Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS -Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS -Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS -Army Cargo Truck Driver Transporter 2016 1.0.1 IOS -

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