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Archer Challenge 2018

Archer Challenge 2018

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Welcome to the archer challenge: bow shooting master game to save the people. This is arcade action puzzle-based game with bow, arrows, rope, archers to save the people like hangman. Tired of always losing at hangman? Now it’s time to get your own back and save the hangman’s victims before they run out of breath! The cruel persons hang them for death then use your bow archer skills to save the people from deathbed. Archer Challenge: Bow Shooting Master is realistic arcade game where you aim and shoot the arrow to cut the hangman’s rope to save hangman from dying. Use your archery skills, all manner of bonuses, pickups, teleports and warps to save hangman from dying before deadline. So aim your bow and arrow carefully to cut rope without hurting his victims.

New Gibbet Archery Challenge: Bow Shooting Master is new challenging and innovative game, but in this game you need to shoot arrows accurately without hurt a person, if you shoot the hangman he will die. Target is not always the same, it can be located far away from you, the time is short, limited number of arrows, men on the gibbets and you need to cut the rope with in the time. Rescue multiple people with one arrow. Are you ready to handle the frantic pace to save the tiny poor hangman’s before they take their final breath?

If you love arcade, action and shooting games or archery shooting games, then you will love Rescue Master Games. Download now, hold your breath, shot the rope for epic action to aim the target, shoot the arrow and save the poor hangman’s! Enjoy limitless fun, use exciting puzzles way to cut rope and save hanging man’s life to complete all exciting tasks.

Features for Archer Challenge: Bow Shooting Master!
• Super realistic Sound Effects with epic animations
• Addictive arcade action based gameplay
• Awesomely designed gibbets, bow and arrows
• Multiple interesting levels
• Save the lives of hangman
• Shooting experience with best aiming skills
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Archer Challenge 2018 1.0 IOS -Archer Challenge 2018 1.0 IOS -Archer Challenge 2018 1.0 IOS -Archer Challenge 2018 1.0 IOS -

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