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Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game

Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game

Giới thiệu Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game


There are three levels of jumping, and the third level is strong!
There is FEVER!Tap to make the animals jump endlessly! How far can you go? Great for killing time!
There are cute dogs,sheep, and cats in there too!
Easy to play, exhilarating, no-cost, fun adventure game!

–How to play–
Tap the screen to make the animals jump.
There are 3 stages of jumping, and you can destroy the gimmick at the third stage!
Try to avoid hitting the top and bottom of the screen.
Try to avoid hitting the gimmick.

–How to have fun–
Earn coins and destroy gimmicks to score points! Let’s beat our best score!
Speed up the stages. Harder stages will appear.
Collect the letters “FEVER” to get fever! A chance to win a lot of coins!
There are 18 different kinds of cute animal skins waiting for you. Get your favorite animal skin with the coins you’ve collected!

–Tips for high scores– 
Don’t rely too much on the third jump!

–Types of animals–
Puddle, BullDog, Rottweiler, Long hair dog, Short hair cat, Long hair cat, Bunny, Pinky Pig, Pig, Boar, Sheep (sheep with and without hair), Goat, Cow, Bull, Alpaca, Chicken, Duck

–Game Features–
Addictive game
Easy to operate
Simple but satisfying!
Free Game
Arcade Game


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Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -Animal Jump-Cute Flying Game 1.4 IOS -

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