Airport Flight Crew Simulator & Driving 3D Game 1.0 IOS

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Airport Flight Crew Simulator & Driving 3D Game

Airport Flight Crew Simulator & Driving 3D Game

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Summer holidays have started with bright sunshine in world. The weather is hot .. And so is the season of grabbing flight tickets to a beach resort from after spending a busy life at urban city. Be in airport staff to give services to commercial aircrafts before it is ready to board passengers. This transport simulator needs you to fulfill duties as ground staff driver with multiple vehicles to drive. City terminal management thus needs your driving skills to provide timely services. All you have to do is drive different heavy trucks & practice out precision parking at marked zone for making equipment reach on time.

In airport flight crew simulator you will have to be responsible enough for private plane work .. And make sure you do not damage any part of aero simulator while fulfilling tasks. At first you have to drive heavy truck with awesome drag controls to take airplane sim from harbor to port platform. Then you have to be a bus driver to take flight staff on board for their journey. Make sure they reach their on time for handling huge planes. Also take cockpit pilots to asphalt airstrip where their airport flight is getting ready for departure. Make sure this airplane simulator is ready and checked properly before it takes off. Also take stair truck to make sure boarding gets start.

Runway lights are on for commercial jets to reach safety point. Before that, make sure you take mini oil tanker to fill petrol in city aircraft. Also steer food truck to load aeroplane with beverages & eating items for passengers. With that, be a cargo transporter who takes suit cases and cartons from terminal belt .. And then loads it with fork lifter on the plane simulation.

With all these ground duties, jetplane is now ready to takeoff from ground. It is because of terminal crew that airbus journey is successful and provides ease to its passengers … and so be a part of such duty in airport flight crew simulator.


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