ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS

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ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning

ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning

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How to learn English with your wisdom? In this game, you have to put the missing letter from the hands of monkey back to the word by cutting the rattan the monkey hanging. The rattan has to be cut precisely and skilfully so that the monkey(the letter) can fall to the right direction. There are two big stages – Animals and Fruits. Complete all the sub-stages with your wisdom and put all the English words to your “pockets”.

-No. 1 beautiful educational App for toddlers/ preschoolers to learn alphabet and words
-Tap anywhere of the screen to learn English
-Two stages: fruits & animals
-Tap the objects at background to hear the English pronunciations
-Develop the ability to think and analyse in the game
-Learn the spelling & pronunciation of fruits & animals
-Learn alphabet (pronunciations & shapes of them)
-Real man pronunciation
-interactive with voice reaction when touching; interesting interface
-relaxing background music

If you play this game once, you will realise it is suitable for different levels or stages of kids to play. Your kids can play it from a toddler to kindergartener without wasting your money on purchasing the version without advertisement. Enjoy this educational game with your kids!


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ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS -ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS -ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS -ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS -ABCs Jungle Pre-School Learning 1.4 IOS -

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