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ABCs Jungle Math

ABCs Jungle Math

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This application is a member of ABCs Jungle series which are educational and suitable for preschoolers and children. There are two sections in this game – Compare and Math which help training and developing different skills. If your kids are at preschoolers, “Math” section will be more suitable for them.

2 sections – Math
Simply count the total number of a particular animal among 6 objects. Concentration are needed to distinguish the shapes and colours of animals so as to answer the questions correctly. This process stimulates the vision and brain of your kids through observation and counting which is good for the development of their brains.

2 sections – Compare
If your children are kindergarteners or above, they can challenge this higher level section. Your children have to understand a question, then choose the correct image among 3 options. Sometimes, they have to compare the height, colour and shape of objects before answering. Don’t worry that they can’t understand the full question, the keywords they learnt in school such as tallest, smallest etc. will be the hint of the answers.

Give your kids one more choice to train their analysis and observation skills accompany with the cute graphics and relaxing background music. Be a smart parent, be a smart kid!


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ABCs Jungle Math 1.04 IOS -ABCs Jungle Math 1.04 IOS -ABCs Jungle Math 1.04 IOS -ABCs Jungle Math 1.04 IOS -ABCs Jungle Math 1.04 IOS -

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