abc song for kids – English phonetic alphabet free 1.2.0 IOS

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abc song for kids – English phonetic alphabet free

abc song for kids - English phonetic alphabet free

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Animal alphabets is an educational game to teach Alphabets in a friendly manner.
* Full ABC
* All Alphabets
* Multiple animals for each alphabet with voice of animals and birds
* Real sound and human pronunciations
* Configure to teach capital or small letters
* Amazing match the alphabet game
* Human voice for Alphabets
* Image of each Alphabets
* Image of the Animal with Name
* Real Sound of the Animal
* On touch you can listen to sounds again
* Slideshow is Available where you can sit back watch your kid learn
* Social Media Integration

Let your kids learn Alphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with an animal. Sounds interesting right? 🙂 🙂

Each letter will relate to an Animal with its real picture and sound, along with this there will an Human voice mentioning the letter and the name of the animal. This would help your child to become familiar with the alphabets, animals and their sounds.

Learning alphabets would never have been so much fun 🙂

Here Animals are sequenced in such a way that their names are in the same flow as the alphabets, that is, A to Z. Animal ABC shows the name of the animal with the first character highlighted. You can even switch off display of animal name, reciting the name and the real animal sound.
This version, a specially designed memory game for preschoolers and toddlers that will help them to memorize
b)Capital and small letters
d)Animals and alphabets.

Preschool aged children will learn the alphabet letter , names of animals and they will learn to associate letter with animals.

This simple educational game teaches children the alphabet letters to recognize words as they appear. As a result, preschoolers learn the letters of the words are made of.

At this age, kids should enjoy learning about letters and numbers.
Workbooks can be of use a lot of time when your child goes to school. But While you are out with your kids and you are not at home or in classroom our application will help them learning and encourage curiosity.

We thank you very much for downloading our educational app. We love to hear feedback from you , we welcome and request you to write on our support address.


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abc song for kids - English phonetic alphabet free 1.2.0 IOS -
abc song for kids - English phonetic alphabet free 1.2.0 IOS -
abc song for kids - English phonetic alphabet free 1.2.0 IOS -

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