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ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot

ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot

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You look? ABC 123 connect dots.

ABC 123 dots game for toddler education about puzzle line picture . Can develop skills and creativity for children game who can teach children to learn and develop their skills in the selection of play. Learn to draw connect dots ABC numbers and shape.


– Learn about ABC, numbers, shape and connect dot.
– It’s easy to understand for your children.
– Easy to learn, memorize ABC 123.
– Logical and cognitive skills.
– Players tap the picture puzzle connect dot animals.
– Drag dots to numbers games.
– Suitable for preschoolers and kindergarten children.
– Players will get both knowledge and fun.
– Touch and drag onto it’s numbers line dot.
– Easy to learn and to control for kids.
– Simple for toddlers and babies.
– Play with your child or let them play alone.
– Learn English Language with sounds.
– Have a picture to draw connect dots 49 level.


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ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot 1.0 IOS -ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot 1.0 IOS -ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot 1.0 IOS -ABC 123 Drag Connect the dot 1.0 IOS -

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