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A to Z Alphabet Challenge

A to Z Alphabet Challenge

Giới thiệu A to Z Alphabet Challenge


• Can you tap A to Z in 12 seconds or less?
• Play with unlimited time (RELAX Mode). Perfect for kids !
• Includes both Upper case & Lower case letters.
• Alphabet Song plays as you tap each letter !
• Compete on the leaderboard & earn the achievements. (Game Center)

1) Tap the big button to shuffle the letters.
2) Tap A to Z in order as fast as you can within the time limit.

– Tap the “ABC” or “abc” button to toggle between Upper and Lower case letters
– Clock icon toggles between TIMED and RELAX mode
– Trophy icon displays GameCenter (Leaderboards & Achievements)
– Star icon displays Statistics
– “i” icon shows the About page
– Music Note icon controls Sound


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A to Z Alphabet Challenge 1.02 IOS -A to Z Alphabet Challenge 1.02 IOS -A to Z Alphabet Challenge 1.02 IOS -A to Z Alphabet Challenge 1.02 IOS -A to Z Alphabet Challenge 1.02 IOS -

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