8 Ball Legend – Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS

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8 Ball Legend – Online Pool AR

8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR

Giới thiệu 8 Ball Legend – Online Pool AR


This is the best and most realistic billiards legend pool game on the mobile phones. Play billiards online with people in over the world. Can you get the top of the leaderboard?
◽ 3 modes: AR – 3D graphics, 8 ball and 9 ball
◽ Auto-create a table and select an opponent randomly
◽ Challenge billion of 8 ball pool, 9 ball pool fans in the worldwide
◽ Trophy score can use the player’s level. Difficulty challenge with a level up room
◽ Customize your cues with more levels.
◽ Realistic Physics
◽ Stunning 3D graphics
◽ International billiards 8 ball standard law
◽ Complete mission to earn more gold
◽ The feel is like playing 8 ball pool on a real table with smooth animation
◽ Chat with your opponents

◽ AR Mode in 8 Ball Legend
8 Ball Legend has an AR mode for playing. The AR mode uses your camera is always On, with Realistic Physics and Stunning 3D graphics, that make you feel play billiard 8 ball real in a Pool.

When you choose AR mode in 8 Ball Legend, and you need to walk around the larger space, you will see the normal pool. The AR mode will not change any other aspect of the app or the game. It’s only for when you’re playing billiard with 8-ball when you play single mode.

You can only single play mode with AR, not yet support multiplayer play.

◽ Billiard 8 ball and 9 ball
8 ball and 9 ball will be ready for players, make you have more options when playing 8 Ball Legend. Billiard 9 ball is a fast-paced game, is a shortened playing 8 balls with simple rules. Players can win 9 ball pool quickly if you know tricks.

◽ Level up
Challenge various rooms and cues with level-up. 8 Ball Legend’s level room means you’re always facing the best players. With 7 levels room of bet increasing according to each player level.

◽ Trophy Level System
8 Ball Legend uses trophy levels system. Each player will be has a level point called Trophy, who has a higher Trophy score like as is a master, or opposite just like a practicer. Trophy points are earned when a player wins, and it is reduced when the player loses.

◽ Leaderboard
Besides the Trophy levels system, we have arranged levels player from Iron to Challenge. Every week, we’re a pleasure to honor The Master of 8 ball pool – who is the highest Trophy score.

8-Ball and 9-Ball are both played on a pool table: a table with six pockets and the object of both of these games requires players to hit balls into those pockets. In 8-Ball, there are two opposing sets of 7 balls and one black ball (the 8-Ball). Of the 15 balls on the table (not counting the cue ball) the first 7 balls, which are numbered 1-7, are solid in color; while the remaining 7 balls, numbered 9-15, are striped. One player makes all of his 7 balls, followed by the 8-Ball, at which point he is declared the winner of the game.

Unlike 8-ball, 9 ball uses only 9-ball and the cue ball includes all of the solid colored ball and the striped 9-ball. In 9-ball, players must shoot at the balls in numerical order, starting with the 1-ball and continuing until all 9 balls have been sunk. Especially, the game of 9-ball can be ended soon if it calls “combination shot”, in which a player hits the next ball in order – “say the 3-ball” – into the 9-ball and pots 9-ball the hole.

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8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS -8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS -8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS -8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS -8 Ball Legend - Online Pool AR 3.0.8 IOS -

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