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7 Card Studs

7 Card Studs

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7 Card Studs is a free solitaire and multiplayer strategic board game using poker hands. Challenge yourself or a friend to a free poker based board game!

The board is 7×7 and has 49 squares. 13 cards start face down on the board and are not revealed until all the other cards are placed.

The goal of the game is to make the best 5 card poker hands in each row and column. Every row and column has 7 cards, but only the best 5 will be used.

When playing solitaire the player scores the points in both the rows and the columns.

In multiplayer head to head mode, player 1 plays the rows and player 2 plays the columns in a head to head show down on the same board.

There is also a multiplayer sequential mode where players play solitaire games sequentially to see who is the better solitaire player.

Child Friendly! This game is free to play solitaire or multiplayer!

There are only 2 In App Purchases:

1. You can add more excitement by purchasing the Joker Wild and Deuces Wild Decks. For $0.99 you get both decks!

The Joker Wild Deck is a 53 card deck with one wild joker.

The Deuces Wild deck is a standard 52 card deck but all 2’s are Wild!

2. Remove the ads before games forever for just $0.99.

Both In-App purchase are one time only IAP. Unlock all decks and remove ads forever for $1.98 total. No other IAP or charges for as long as you own the game!

2 Different Leaderboards
18 Achievements
3 Ways to play
3 Different Decks
Play head to head with a friend on one device for free!


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7 Card Studs 1.2 IOS -7 Card Studs 1.2 IOS -7 Card Studs 1.2 IOS -7 Card Studs 1.2 IOS -7 Card Studs 1.2 IOS -

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