4×4 Mad Police Car Racing & City Crime 1.0 IOS

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4×4 Mad Police Car Racing & City Crime

4x4 Mad Police Car Racing & City Crime

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Welcome to the big City of USA. Join Patrol Squad & Police for defending daily crime in the big city. Control the bank robbery and road crimes. Join Patrol Squad Police Station for squad car driving and chasing. Let’s drive a sports car on the dangerous racetrack. Your mission is to track and catch the robbers car.

Please avoid hitting the obstacles. Improve your Cop Car driving skills and Perform the best duty on highway road and city roads.

Use helpful mini-map to know where opponent vehicles are. This Police Death Car Racing and driving game are easy to control and fun to play. Download the best FREE Police car racing game ever!

4×4 Mad Police Car game FEATURES

– Drive quickly without hitting the Signboard
– Finish the Lap as fast as possible
– Easy to play driving controls
– Realistic driving simulator
– Awesome Track with wide open roads, mountains, and forests
– Amazing HD Graphics

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