3D Parking Construction Site 1.0.0 IOS

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3D Parking Construction Site

3D Parking Construction Site

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Hey, all truckers out there! Get ready for an unique and extreme parking missions! Accept the challenges and show off your truck driver skills! Tighten your seatbelt and get behind the wheel of various types of massive construction trucks, drive through realistic surroundings and park them on the right spot, following the arrow.

If you ever dreamed of driving and parking heavy construction trucks and vehicles, now you have the chance to experience the thrill of maneuvering these big hot machines. If you also love to have your own racing and parking skills tested then you’ll definitely love this simulation app.

With multiple levels, exciting gameplay and more vehicles that need to be unlocked, there’s never a dull moment. The exciting interface and high-definition graphics will make an exhilarating play that you won’t want to put down. This truck parking game simulates the driving procedures that any trucker would get on a real construction site. Watch the sides, check the corners and keep your eyes wide open!

This game is not about speed, but is all about accuracy, skills and precision. Choose between 17 massive construction vehicles and learn to operate and drive each of them on a realistic construction site. More than 10 levels will guarantee challenge and fun for hours. Each level and car require a different approach and a set of skills. Have fun and become the best trucker with 3D Parking Construction Site!

– 17 high detailed construction vehicles to choose from;
– 12 levels with increasing difficulty;
– Easy truck handling and control;
– Real life heavy dump truck parking situations;
– Thrilling 3D construction site environment;
– Cool and dynamic gameplay;
– Extreme precision driving simulator;
– Park according to the arrow in the right place;
– Speed is not important with this game, but accuracy is if you want to successfully park your vehicle;
– Challenging parking missions that will give you hardcore machine feeling.

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3D Parking Construction Site 1.0.0 IOS -3D Parking Construction Site 1.0.0 IOS -3D Parking Construction Site 1.0.0 IOS -3D Parking Construction Site 1.0.0 IOS -

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