3D Limo taxi driver – Pickup Service Simulator 1.0 IOS

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3D Limo taxi driver – Pickup Service Simulator

3D Limo taxi driver - Pickup Service Simulator

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Limo taxi driving 3d with the addition of limo driving 3d simulator is one of the newest limo driving games that gives you the chance to drive something spectacular in limozin car games! The big challenge in this limo taxi driving 3d is to finish assigned missions in the specific time limit. Test your exceptional driving skills with limo driving 3d simulator in the greatest limozin car games. It’s time to shine and become the best driver in the ultimate LIMO DRIVING SIMULATOR 2017, the newest version in limo driving games!

The gameplay is very simple. In each level, a specific time will be given to complete the level. Our duty is to pick and drop off customers at different locations in the city. The main challenge for the limousine is to experience rush city traffic and frequent turns in the city. In some levels, criminals will be hiding in the limousine so the driver will have to use his incredible driving skills to evade the police cars and get rid of them. The driver should have full control on the limousine and he should also be able to maintain the speed. If our limousine’s damage bar drops down to zero, the game will get over.
This limo taxi driving 3d is a complete delight for the people who love playing limozin car games. Limo driving games have never been this better with an amazing limo driving 3d simulator and smooth on-screen controls. Complete exciting driving challenges in LIMO DRIVING SIMULATOR 2016 and become the champion!

Crazy Limo Driver: Taxi 2017 Crazy Taxi Driver games features :
– It’s madness in the election year, are you crazy enough to drive?
– Complete all the challenging election year taxi driver missions!
– Unlock amazing fast cabs!
– unique content you won’t find in any other taxi game!

It’s the election year of USA and everyone want’s to go to the elections! The city people are going crazy and it’s your job to bring them to the elections! In this limo taxi simulator you will bring them from A to B. Are you the crazy limo driver we are looking for in Crazy Limo Driver: Taxi 2017?

Play limo driving game now what are you waiting for? download now limo taxis transport simulator game in 2016, this is the masterpiece of limousine car games.All peoples from the big city will see you drive by in your luxury limousine. limousine driving games have never been this much fun.


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3D Limo taxi driver - Pickup Service Simulator 1.0 IOS -3D Limo taxi driver - Pickup Service Simulator 1.0 IOS -

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