3D Cargo Ship Car Transporter Simulator 2017 1.0 IOS

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3D Cargo Ship Car Transporter Simulator 2017

3D Cargo Ship Car Transporter Simulator 2017

Giới thiệu 3D Cargo Ship Car Transporter Simulator 2017


“Cargo Ship Car Transporter is the best transport game of its kind. Manage the transportation on cargo boat that can carry heavy load! This Cargo Ship Car Transporter Simulator will give you the boat simulator cargo experience of driving transporters with the heavy load. In this 3D simulation game you’ll test your driving skills at parking cars on boat and driving the boat yourself. So get ready for the king of all car transport games, in the newest cargo boat transportation apps. Shift gears like a real cargo driver!

This Cargo Ship Car Transporter is a new kind of cargo boat game where you need to load and unload the high value racing cars and sports cars on your boat. In this extremely fun driving and parking mania game you will be given with some amazing cars to park on the carrier boat. Drive and load all the cars carefully and maneuver them on the boat so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot.

Cargo Ship 3D Game Features
– You are able to drive various different vehicles.
– Show off your boat driving skills.

Drive heavy cargo ship transporting cars by the sea playing this 3D simulator!

Be a captain of a cargo ship, so-called ferry – special car transporter carrying goods by the sea. Drive cars to load it to the ferry, control cargo ship to deliver goods to the current port and earn money for delivery! Do you like driving and parking games? Or dreamed of becoming a ferry captain? Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D game includes all the facilities of car and ship simulators!

Deliver goods by sea with this unusual car transporter simulator. Today your goal is not to drive usual car transporter, but to control heavy cargo ship as a captain! Park your ship in port to load goods, choose the destination point and start ultimate sea adventure with this cargo ship simulator!

Sail over the world and deliver cargo playing Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D! Explore sea ports, find cars to deliver and enjoy amazing ship simulator for all ages! Sail huge ferry through the storm or smooth sea with Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D – great ship simulator for all seadogs!

Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D features:

– Try yourself being a captain of a cargo ship – complete delivery and car transporting missions and prove your worth being a seadog
– Realistic sea physics – sail stormy or smooth sea and avoid sinking your ship
– Facilities of ship simulator, car transporter game and even driving simulator – drive cars to load it on ferry’s board and then control huge cargo ship to deliver it!
– Upgrade your ship – more space for cars, higher speed and even more
– Great ferry simulator for all ages

Ever tried to be a captain of a cargo ship? Try this ultimate ferry simulator and get both driving and sailing experience – drive vehicles to load it on the board of car transporting ship and sail high seas to arrive on the port safe and sound! Earn money for delivery, level up you ship and prove your worth as a captain! It’s high time to become a real seadog with Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D game!

Get into your cargo ship an be ready to sail the sea! Earn money, deliver goods and enjoy this cargo ship simulator (and also car transporter simulator)! Faster you sail your ship – more money for delivery you earn! Sail the sea, deliver goods and earn money for the delivery with Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D!

Be a captain of the ship, sail the sea to deliver goods and earn money for delivery! Enjoy this ship simulator today!


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