3D Car Parking Simulation Game 3.3 IOS

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3D Car Parking Simulation Game

3D Car Parking Simulation Game

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we have parts to play, everyone from easy to difficult. sometimes easy and sometimes it will be difficult to pass these sections. moors game content, cones, barriers burning cars, barrels, are the tires. car parking in the game you’ll see a warning icon when you approach these obstacles. you should exercise extreme caution to avoid obstacles. while the car park with different camera angles, car or barriers to control the inside of the vehicle will be able to look out for a better view

* features *
* 40 levels (to be updated)
* realistic car model
* realistic parking space
* different types of obstacles
* free driving mode
* star system
* time control
* performance measurement system
* 4 different camera angles
* can park the car inside the property
* the ability to remove the tire footprint
* realistic engine sounds and visuals
* stylish menu screens


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3D Car Parking Simulation Game 3.3 IOS -3D Car Parking Simulation Game 3.3 IOS -3D Car Parking Simulation Game 3.3 IOS -

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